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    50 million PS4s sold-through as of 6th December 2016, Black Friday week in the history of PlayStation

    in Sales Discussion on 08 December 2016

    poklane said: Software sales are now at 369.6million games sold across retail and digital Attach ratio of 7.392:1 more than 369.6 million copies*3 sold in retail stores globally

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    PS4 sells ~60k in its 2nd week in Japan, tracking below Vita and WiiU. Should we worry?

    in Sales Discussion on 04 March 2014

    12-15 million when its over......

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    Xbox One OVERtracked in USA?

    in Sales Discussion on 18 February 2014

    Fusioncode said:For whatever reason VGC hasn't been using exact NPD figures, instead they've been splitting it down the middle between their set of data and NPD. lol!...

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    November 2013 NPD Thread! Everything is in the OP!

    in Sales Discussion on 13 December 2013

    1/ PS4 - 1140k 2/ XBO - 909k 3/ 3DS - 770k 4/ 360 - 647k 5/ PS3 - 420k 6/ WiiU - 220k 7/ Vita - 70k...

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    How much do you think the last gen will have sold?

    in Sales Discussion on 11 December 2013

    Wii - 106 million X360 - 98 million PS3 - 110 million...

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    in Sales Discussion on 29 November 2013

    Carl2291 said:And that PS4 number is far, far lower than I expected. Sony send 1.4 million console to north america and it was sold out in few days. Its undertracked......

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    PS4 vs XBO week 1 sales

    in Sales Discussion on 18 November 2013

    1.3m first day for one (0.9 USA + 0.4 europe), 1.15m for ps4 first day in USA , 2.1m for PS4 first day (USA+rest of the world)...

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    USA Pre-Order 9th Nov. Final week for PS4 games!

    in Sales Discussion on 13 November 2013

    Xenostar said:So it finally happened COD goes to PS4 as well on the preorder chart. Its a clean sweep. one week left still for xbox one version... everything else going to ps4 side......

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    Sony announces 80 million PS3's sold, Xbox 360 has outsold PS3 worldwide

    in Sales Discussion on 06 November 2013

    so its about one million overtracked if the date is november 2nd......

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    USA pre-orders 2nd nov

    in Sales Discussion on 05 November 2013

    remember xone games has on extra week until release....

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    September 2013 NPD Thread! - PS3 > 360 (GTAV = system seller), Wii U: ~91k

    in Sales Discussion on 18 October 2013

    fast adjustments. Congratulations......

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    Will Gran Turismo 5 outsell Halo 3 (lifetime sales)?

    in Sales Discussion on 10 October 2013

    a large portion? i dont think so... by the way, now its too late for GT5. GT6 is debuting in two months and PS4 the same......

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    Which one is more powerful? PS4 or XBOne? The pointless fight.

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 September 2013

    the-pi-guy said: ethomaz said:Graphics always matter... you can have a amazing game with bad graphics and it will be even better with good graphics... to say that graphics are pointless is a big mistake. PS4 is more powerful #FACT. ethomaz, I think you're missing the point of this.  Sure graphics do matter to an extent, but we can still have amazing games with bad...

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    European Software: 2013 half-year (Jan-Jun) sales

    in Sales Discussion on 05 September 2013

    vgchartz always use to undertrack europe software sales......

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    what will sell better in 2014? PS4/One or PS360

    in Sales Discussion on 04 September 2013

    next gen, clearly...

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    Xbox trend prediction

    in Sales Discussion on 04 September 2013

    faster first year, slower since third year...

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    Xbox 360 overtakes Wii as the UK's No.1 games console

    in Sales Discussion on 27 June 2013

    Albicant said:Congrats to the 360. Is this the first case of the Wii not being the best selling console in a country? Ps3 must be over it in some countries in europe, spain, portugal... by the way ps3 is over wii in total sales in continental europe...

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    Global HW&SW UP! 15th June 2013

    in Sales Discussion on 24 June 2013

    PS4 games in the preorder charts. Next gen in!...

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    Gran Turismo 6 Sales Prediction Thread

    in Sales Discussion on 23 June 2013

    8.5-9 million... This new generation is going to get advantadge over the current one faster than the last time... and I think PS4 will have his own GT faster than PS3. 2015 as latest......

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    Even after Microsoft's reversal, PS4 will still handily outsell the Xbone

    in Sales Discussion on 20 June 2013

    kitler53 said:are we talking world wide or are we including places like asia and s. america as well? south america located on mars confirmed!...

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