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    SuperNova's Wall

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    < COKTOE posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Thanks for accepting. :)

    < lynksseus posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Were you able to get your Wii U to play Pikmin?

    Fortunately i did! I switched the game from my external HDD to the WiiUs internal stroage and that did the trick.
    I'm on day 15 right now, but I currently work 16 hour days, so I'll be stuck there for a little while with no time to game.

    on 14 September 2016

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Hi SuperNova. I have to say you look scared. 

    I do? I've been told before that my Avatar looks scary though! :P
    How are you doing?

    on 10 September 2016

    I drop in just to say hello. By the way, Where do you live ?

    on 10 September 2016

    < Jranation posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Yes! My gif has worked!!! And yeah, when i watched their debut song happiness, the only way you could tell them apart was the colours of their hair Thankyou for listening to them. I love the group so much, they got the singing and dancing abilities as well as their dorkiness

    So I'm not alone! XD
    Thank god they are a little color coded, it makes it easier to tell them apart. Although I can pick out Joy and Selugi pretty confidently. With Wendy it depends on her hairstyle and between Irene and Yeri I just try to go by who it youngest looking.
    Thank you for putting that gif in your sig! ;)
    I don't usually listen to k-pop (or even western pop for that matter) and turns out I really like them!
    The production on their songs is very nineties, as well, so it makes me nostalgic, but it's so energetic and fluffy at the same time, you've got to like it. Plus Wendy and Selugi have georgeous voices and Joy chewing the scenery is just adorable!

    on 20 September 2015

    < The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    What is that avatar?

    It's supposed to be the sin of sloth. I painted a picture about the seven deadly sins having a picknick with death and that's where it's from. ;)

    on 16 September 2015

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Thanks for the add!

    Our shared love for instruction booklets had to be honored! ;)

    on 02 July 2015

    < Scary4Eva posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Thanks for accepting my friend request. I saw your comment in the Studio Ghibli thread and saw that you like Diana Wynne Jones too. I don't always see many people that like her, or even know who she is. So it is nice to find someone else who likes her as well.

    Oh that's cool! :)
    Yeah, I do love her books and think she's one of the most underrated authors out there. She quickly became one of my all time favourites after Howls moving castle.
    Now I'm actually pacing her books out because I always want to have a book of hers left to read and knowing she sadly isn't going to write anymore.
    Do you have a favourite of her books?

    on 19 June 2015

    I'm also trying to take my time reading her books since I know there won't be any new ones. And I agree that she is underrated.

    Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favorites. It is the first book I read by her. Some my other favorites are: The Game, Enchanted Glass, Wild Robert, Dogsbody and Charmed Life.

    What's your favorite?

    on 19 June 2015

    Sorry for not anwering in ages, I don't know how I missed that notification until now!

    Howl's moving castle will always hold a special place for me among her books. It was also the first I read by her and obviously I loved it but when it comes down to it I like the sequel Castle In The Sky even more. I've been to india before, and even though that whole opening setting is meant to be comedic and a parody of 1001 nights type storytelling, it nails the kind of oriental, super proud, sometimes intrusive (at least to westerners), playfull haggeling mentality I expierenced there so well, I wanted to go back immediately. It's also fun as hell.
    My other favourites are probaly Charmed Life from the Chrestomancy series (wich I have to read again) and Power of Three.

    on 02 July 2015

    < Conegamer posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Hey man, thanks for the add! You've made a lot of good posts already so keep it up

    My pleasure! And thanks! I'll do my best. ;)

    on 06 June 2015

    < clara2015 posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    My name is Miss FLORENCE CLARA, I am a USA army lady serving here in Afghanistan. I Have a business Proposal for you. Please do get back for details. through my email. ( florence.clara@outlook.com )



    < Mordred11 posted something on SuperNova's wall:

    Welcome to the site!

    Thank you! :)

    on 25 April 2015

    Yes! Welcome! Scary avatar.

    on 29 May 2015

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