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Barkley said:
RolStoppable said:

If you wanted to rule out Switch from the beginning, then what was the point of your question to begin with? You know that you are left with only the PS5 and Scarlett then, and you are basically asking if they can sell more than 12m combined. That's akin to going into the NFL thread right now and asking if the Miami Dolphins can make the playoffs.

Eh, I'm not left with just PS5/Scarlett cause the question wasn't time limited lol, it could be the generation after that or the one after that. Though even if I was just asking for PS5+Scarlett, it's more about the marketshare I'm interested in (% sold in Japan) than the 12m figure.

With each generation the % of total sales coming from Japan has declined for dedicate home consoles (27%, 23%, 14%, 9%, 7.5%) Will this number recover, that's the question, or are consoles that need hooking up to a TV to use dead for good.

I don’t think the Switches home console portion is as meaningless as you‘re making it out to be.

Pretty much everyone expected the lite to outperform the OG model in Japan because of the handheld centric nature of it as well as the lower pricepoint, but that just didn‘t happen.

Even heading into the holidays it seems as if the roughly 2/3 to 1/3 split in favour of the dockable sku will hold. Additionally everything points to the Switch lite reaching a new demographic/selling as a secondary device, since it pretty much didn‘t eat into the OG skus sales.

That means that consumers not only view Switch as a home console and care about it being able to be one, but specifically buy it because it is also a home console.