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    < HomokHarcos posted something on Airaku's wall:

    Just started playing through Metroid Prime!

    YAY! That makes me so happy to hear! You're going to love it dude!

    on 11 January 2018

    < Miguel_Zorro posted something on Airaku's wall:

    Looks like you're fixed up?

    Yup, I am! Thank you! :)

    on 05 November 2017

    < HomokHarcos posted something on Airaku's wall:

    Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    I find it really nice that your two favourite franchises are the ones I hope on playing through next.

    Hey anytime! :) I'm always happy to meet new friends on here! :)

    Have you played any of the games in either series yet? If not I can give some pointers on where to start. Both franchise are quite far along and aren't actually chronological any more. So if you're curious on where to start and which play style you prefer I'm more than happy to help you. I'm also more than happy to talk about the characters and story if you want! ^.^

    PS. I do need to get a little bit of sleep and I will reply to this later on :)

    on 04 July 2015

    < Toxy posted something on Airaku's wall:

    Hey, thanks for accepting my friend request.

    We shall talk about Resident Evil further when we get the chance!

    Of course, you don't need to thank me for that! ^.^

    We definitely should talk more about Resident Evil. Also please don't read the wall posts I have with Zelmusario on here. Honestly there are MASSIVE spoilers containing to the series and Revelations 2 in particular. I am not joking here, not to mention that it is the last game you want to play in the series even though it takes place shortly before Resident Evil 6. What happens in that game holds a great consequences for the rest of the series here on out. This new villain does not fuck around at all. Honestly in so many ways that I will not discuss, she makes Albert Wesker look like a fucking joke and tool. I do not say that lightly as Albert Wesker is one of my all time favorite villains, She is easily rising to the top if she hasn't already. I have a feeling she will be the villain until the series ends... I mean who else can be a final villain other than her? (You'll understand when you get there)

    As for that music video I posted? I would love for you to watch it. Though unfortunately it solely focuses on Revelations 2 and it spoils everything including the identity of the villain and the ending of the game. Plus much more so don't risk it.

    on 27 April 2015

    < Airaku updated his status:

    New music video for Natalex! ^.^

    < darkenergy posted something on Airaku's wall:

    Welcome to vgchartz!

    Thank you! :)

    on 17 April 2015

    < zelmusario posted something on Airaku's wall:

    Thanks for the friend request, man! Will look forward to more RE talks in the future. :)

    Absolutely! Let me know once you beat the game. I'm guessing you've played most of the games so hopefully everything makes sense to you! :P

    Did you read my last reply?

    Oh also on a little note. The game doesn't actually explain why Natalia's arm band is always red. The director of the game apologised and explained the reason why. There are a lot of things in this game that isn't explained and not always obvious. Capcom really wanted us to figure things out and speculate for future games as a collective fan base. :P I think that is a really cool idea and definitely something more games should do. People read too much into games for reasons that developers ignore, I'm glad Capcom realizes that and decided to play mind games with their fans! XD

    on 15 April 2015

    I did read your last reply and will respond later tonight. haha

    I actually played games 1-3 back in highschool (which was a LOOOOONG fucking time ago :P ) and 4 and 5 several years ago so it's been awhile. I think it might be time for a marathon Resident Evil session to kind of brush up on the canon and see how the series has changed. :)

    That's funny about the bracelet. I actually don't think I would've even bothered to notice! I think Capcom does a good job in the RE games of keeping you guessing, both in-game and speculating for future games. I've really enjoyed the writing, especially lately with the Revelations reboot.

    on 15 April 2015

    Yeah there is a TONS of things hidden in Revelations 2. By the way it is NOT a reboot of any sorts. It is a direct continuation of the canon and Revelations 2 is the game that will drive the plot of the series forward. This new villain is the real deal and not one you want to fuck with. Seriously, the only thing she fears is herself. I'll wait until you beat the game until I talk more about it. That being said she is by far one of the most sick twisted fuck of a villain I have ever seen. I've played tons of games and watched tons of movies and she easily takes the cake for the title. She's one of my all time favorite villains now and I think she is more than an appropriate successor to Albert. Fuck it, she even experimented on him according to one of the documents in Resident Evil 5. Honestly, it seems like Capcom learned their lesson and I think she'll be around until they decide to end the series. She pretty much is end game and takes the series full circle. Though I won't say anything more until you beat the game! :P

    Ugh I'm always jelly when someone mentions Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. I never got to play that one and I could never find it!!! >:(

    Of the MAIN games I have played all except 3 and most of Code Veronica X. Also I haven't played Gaiden, which I assume is incredibly rare to find. That is the one where Barry and Leon are both on a ship. Also I haven't played Dead Aim but I don't know if that is canon or not. I know Umbrella Chronicles is and I played that. I assume Darkside Chronicles is as well but I passed it up since the first one wasn't so good. Other than the fact you get to play as Albert Wesker as he escaped Racoon City fighting B.O.W's during the events of 3. You actually get to see that he is having his own struggles as well. It is interesting though to know that when he died the first time he went down low to get away from Umbrella and everyone. He ended up going after them for experimenting on him, and the fact William Birkin (his only friend) is dead. I have my own theory as well on how he found out about Project W. and the possible agenda of who and why that info got into his hands.

    on 16 April 2015

    < zelmusario posted something on Airaku's wall:

    That "Bitch, step aside" gif in your signature?

    I loled. :)

    I know right? I love it! One of my favorite gifs. I swear to god that Natalia is one of the cutest video game characters ever conceived. The way she smiles, talks, and acts and her best friend in the whole wide world is a teddy bear! :)

    on 11 April 2015

    I'd have to agree. haha Getting pretty far into RE: Revelations 2 and I have to agree with your assessment on that, too. This is the best the RE series has been since 4.

    on 12 April 2015

    Oh absolutely it is. Though 5 deserves more credit that people give it. Especially now after Revelations 2. How they handled Albert Wesker's death sucked, but now we can come to terms with it. The files in this game dig a bit more into that, plus the game play in 5 was still great.

    I've actually beat Revelations 2 twice already. It is amazing and probably one of the best plots in the entire series. I loved it, and the ending will blow your mind. Capcom has some big balls for this one. Just so you know there is a good and bad ending which is a first in the series. The final outcome of the major plot point is the same, but it is clear the "good ending" will be canon.

    How far into the game are you btw? How are you liking "you know who"?

    on 12 April 2015

    Yes, 5 actually wasn't bad at all. Definitely more action-oriented, but I still enjoyed it. I can't really remember it very well. It's been a few years so I may have to revisit it. Hated how Wesker died, too so unceremoniously. He was such an important character. Never got a chance to play RE6. Was it good? I know it was pretty much universally panned.

    I just think the Revelations series has recaptured that magic that made the first few games special. The claustrophobic, tense atmosphere combined with a good storyline. And maybe a bit more emphasis on survival horror as opposed to just action/shooter?

    I've just reached the slaughterhouse. Loving the Natalia/Barry parts of the game! They're a great duo. :) This game was so worth the wait!

    on 13 April 2015

    Yeah I really loved 5, but damn Albert Wesker's death is really stupid. He really was the heart and soul of that series in many ways. Easily one of gaming's best villains period. He had a great 10 year run.

    6 was ok, better than what most people will have you believe. It had 4 campaigns and they all cross over. So you would replay parts multiple times with each character and rewatch the same cut scenes where they interact. So it is repetitive but interesting, the new villains feel out of place. Leon and Helena a go after Derek Simmons who is a part of "The Family" (old organization based on the illuminati) and also the leader of the government organization that they work for. Chris and Piers go after Carla Radames who builds Neo-Umbrella to get revenge on Derek Simmons. Then we got Jake Muller and Sherry Birkins (She finally returns!!!!). Many people didn't like Jake and his campaigns action moments felt like Uncharted. I though his story was well done. His moments with Chris is probably one of Chris's best highlights in the series. Jake is doing everything in his power to not pull the trigger at Chris to kill him out of pure anger. Chris fully states his faults even if they were necessary and of good intentions. That he accepts his death and that it is in Jake's every right to kill him for his "sins". Though he asks Jake to promise him that he will finish this fight and continue to fight bio-terrorism in his place. I won't for many reasons reveal why Jake is so important to the future of the series but he is more than just a new character. I know we will see more of him as he will very likely be Chris's successor as a younger generation of characters are coming into play. Chris is in his mid 40's now. I know he'll never stop fighting until the day he dies, he sealed that as his fate very early in the series. Resident Evil 6 is worth a play through at least once. It is all about the good guys this time around and they really flesh them all out well. The character development is phenomenal in this game. Oh and the Snake boss fight is a REAL throwback! As for the 4th campaign, that is a surprise. You used to need to beat the other 3 in order to unlock it but a patch made it accessible form the get go. Don't play it until last, unless you want EVERYTHING spoiled from the get go.

    Yes the Revelation series is great. There was an interview from one of the lead Resident Evil directors who said that both series are 100% canon. The Revelation series is more horror based and directed strictly toward the true fans of the series. They play things safe and remains true to the roots of the franchise. The main numbered titles are used to push the series forward with new innovations. Big risks and more of a mass appeal.

    The slaughter house part of Claire/Moira's campaign is the highlight of their parts of the game. The puzzles are amazing, they are very sick and twisted. Also the thing that determines the ending of the game is based on the only quick time event in the game. That's all I'm going to say about that.

    So I see you finally know who the overseer is. She is scary and to be honest, the best villain in the series. I hate to say it but she surpasses Albert Wesker in my eyes. She's been established in the background of the lore for quite some time and we finally meet her for the first time face to face. She is absolutely terrifying. She is evil and fear itself, hell she pretty much even scares herself. She is easily becoming one of my all time favorite villains, no wonder she's the called the devil herself and people would rather blow their brains out than suffer her wrath. I won't spoil anything but depending how you look at it, Barry makes a good or bad call for not telling anyone who she really is. Everyone would lose their shits! They aren't exactly as level headed as Barry is. The rest except for maybe Leon would break their hands punching the wall in anger or hyperventilate LOL. Out of speculation I think it'll be revealed that she's been pulling strings from the beginning. Hell, she was even tasked to oversee progression of "Project W." back in 1998, as well as figure out immorality and the secrets of the Progenitor virus. In other words everything important plot point in the series. Also I feel the need to state that she does NOT have any relationship with Albert other than sharing the surname of Wesker. She was part of that project along with 12 other people that were taken in as orphans in 1960. Hell she couldn't give two less of a shits that he died. They were companions and worked together from time to time, but that is really all it is. She was disappointed that he died, a so called god killed by a man. Hell when he died the first time she literally said "Oh well, the loss is irreplaceable but we will need to take a candidate from the failed pool of subjects" (Revealed in a journal about "Project W." in RE5). I am very interested to see where they will take her character and if she really has been the one pulling strings to her advantage.

    As for cute lil Natalia (God I love her! ^.^). All I will say is that I can assure you that she will be CORE to the future of the series from here on out. She's very young now but she will grow up to be an essential part of Resident Evil. I am really hoping that she will be in Resident Evil 7, even if she is a teenager!

    on 14 April 2015

    Alright man, so I know I left you hanging the past week or so - forgive the delayed reply, but I wanted to beat the game before I commented further! So I beat it last night and I just sat there soaking the ending and the crazy journey in.

    Let's talk about the Overseer......holy shit, I wholeheartedly agree that she might be the freakiest villain I've seen. One of my top 5 in videogames or other media, for sure. I see what you mean about her scaring herself. She truly feared nothing, just evil incarnate. My heart was thumping all through that last campaign in Episode 4 where you're searching for her, all the way to the final showdown. I thought it was kind of cool how they brought out some of her humanity by talking about how she hated herself, saw her own ugliness, the whole "true/false" image of herself. I also didn't realize that she wasn't actually related to Albert. She kept referencing him, so I wondered if I missed something with them being related by blood. So thanks for the explanation about that. :P

    I gotta admit, when I was playing through Episode 1, the game wasn't hooking me in like RE:R did. I kept thinking that the first game was better. As I got into Episodes 2 and 3 and especially, 4 I realized how much better a game RE:R 2 was. The story and characters were more fleshed out, the writing was better (even though the dialogue had its characteristic awesome cheesiness) and the sense of dread was much deeper for me. Which is kind of weird considering it was an episodic adventure. Usually those have less resources put into them.

    I'm not as knowledgable about the canon as you are so I can't contribute much to the conversation about that. I'll just say you have some great theories and it'd be cool if some of them play out in future games. Barry and Natalia take the cake for my favorite "father/daughter" duo in games. I hope that they show up in future games together. The reconciliation with Moira, Barry and Natalia at the end on the helicopter was really touching. Luckily, I got the good ending. :) I never even looked up the bad ending so not sure even what it was. lol I also see now what you mean about Natalia's bracelet staying red throughout the game and they never explained it. I guess, didn't they reference it when they said that she was the only one who couldn't feel fear and would make a perfect test subject for the Oroboros? My memory is a bit foggy now, but I thought that might be the explanation. Maybe I have it backwards.....

    Anyway, I'll have to go back and start on RE 6 now. I actually don't mind playing through the same campaigns as different characters. It's kind of cool to see how the storylines connect by doing that.

    on 21 April 2015

    When you start RE6 make sure you play Ada's campaign LAST! It will spoil ALL of the other 3 campaigns, it is the one that reveals the mysteries and wraps up the game!

    Resident Evil 6 is far from a bad game that most claim it to be. Is it one of the weakest in the series? Absolutely! Is it a bad game? Absolutely not! Like I said earlier it is about the main protagonists interacting with each other, rather than about the villains. I do seriously think that Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin are going to be key to the future of the series. In Resident Evil 2 Sherry was a little girl that Leon saved and the G-Virus has successfully bonded with her and the progenitor virus had some positive results. She is not immortal but once she reaches adulthood she will age at an incredibly slow rate compared to most people. This will make her a prime target for Alex Wesker in future games and she will likely do everything to make Sherry's life a living hell.

    Revelations 2 definitely has the best story in the series. However it is directed to the hardcore fans and confusing as hell for people who haven't played most if not all of the games. Unfortunately even game reviewers docked points because of this and claimed the story was a mess or made no sense. Again even the director of the game stated that this game was for the fans and not everyone, but it will push the series forward. Barry's cheesiness and reactions reflect on the tragedy he went through in the first game. That is also why he is a very protective father figure because Albert threatened his family if he did not cooperate. He basically held Barry's family hostage to force Barry to turn on his friends including Chris and Jill (but secretly helped them). Barry unfortunately ended up killing one of his fellow STARS members because of the demands. There are heavy references to RE5 as well and documents throughout the series. Alex Wesker has been mentioned in past games in the documents. Have you watched the post credit scene at the end of Revelations 2? Its a HUGE plot twist and also takes place 2 years later, which coincides with RE6.

    No, Natalia was not the perfect test subject for Uroboros. There was never any intention of injecting Uroboros in her at all. She was the "perfect subject" for Alex's rebirth. Alex Wesker had every intention of dying for her consciousness to be FULLY implemented in Natalia. Her immortality through consciousness (speculated to be spiritual immortality). In other words to basically take over her body or kill her and take over her body by force and Natalia would be Alex's new vessel. However a TRIGGER is required for this to happen, which is why Wesker does everything she can to get her slimy hands on Natalia and crush her.

    I would love for Natalia and Barry to be in a future game together but it will not be that simple. Either Barry will need to go out and search for her and save her or well..... It won't end well for Barry. I wouldn't be surprised if she just walks downstairs one day and grabs a knife and repeatedly stabs Barry for interfering with her plans. By her, I mean Wesker of course.

    I love Natalia but unfortunately regardless of the ending.... Wesker wins. Though in the good ending there is hope that Natalia still dwells in that little body of hers, trying to survive and fighting to get her body back. She will likely be a pain in Weskers ass. "A cage went in search of a bird. But now the bird is gone. The bird has changed."

    The bad ending is dark as fuck and the feels are real. Wesker doesn't even bother to kill Barry. She lets him be to crawl up in a corner with guilt and sorrow. All Barry can do now is grieve and die. He likely won't be getting off the island and he has nothing left to live for. Everything he loved, fought for, and cared for is gone. Moira is dead and mutated and Natalia is good as dead. I definitely recommend you watching the ending, it is really good despite pissing off a lot of people. Obviously the other ending will be canon but just wow. Gamers just can't take an ending where they got wrecked. They need the satisfaction of saving the day and feeling good about it. I wished more games would take risks like this and let the antagonist win, it makes for a great villain and story telling. I can't think of any other game where the good guys don't always win.

    Do you have the retail copy of Revelations 2? There are 2 bonus missions as well. "The Struggle" which is about Moira's survival for 6 months on the Island with Evngy (the old hobo man) to when she appears and interrupts Wesker's trigger and saves Natalia. The other one is called "Little Miss" which explains how Natalia got out of the tower 6 months after Wesker got her way with her to the shore where Barry arrived. Natalia went on a search to find her best friend in the whole world, Lottie. It is rather disturbing what happened.

    I also want to add at the awesome cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 1. It was Wesker trying to get out when Natalia held her head and said "Moira is dead". That was Wesker trying to take a cheap shot at Berry. Natalia was able to successfully fight her off, and Alex only had a part of her consciousness inside Natalia at this point. So Natalia could fight her off without much effort.

    One last thing. Check this out, I made a music video last night and I think you might really like it! It's a tribute to Natalex. A bit more Natalia than Wesker but it is about the battle between them. Yes there is more after the credits. The lyrics are in the description and I think I did a good time with timing the lyrics with the video! Ugh Natalia is so freaking cuuuuuuuuuute ^.^

    on 21 April 2015

    The video is officially fixed and ready for your enjoyment! :) Just copy past this URL to your search bar.

    Unfortunately VGchartz wall comments doesn't allow for clickable links! :/ Also the frame lag on the video is Youtube itself. I cleaned it up and it's better than it was last nigh, but apparently it doesn't seem to like slow-mo effect and sped up frames seems to tear a bit. It's not terribly bad but you can notice it at times. I tested and tested the raw file and there is zero problems with it on any other program. I did this for added affect. The description has the lyrics for your convince and I hope you agree that the lyrics are synced up nicely to the video. After all you need to use songs that make sense to the theme and setting! It is important to set the appropriate atmosphere. Let me know what you think! :)

    on 22 April 2015

    < Airaku updated his status:

    Revelations 2 is an amazing game! Wow the series is finally back on track with it's story.

    < Airaku updated his status:

    Revelations 2 is an amazing game! Wow the series is finally back on track with it's story. I'm so glad that it's actually going back to the meat of the series plot. 15 years to prepare for this! =D

    Now to play some Bloodborne!

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