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First and foremost as a human being, Iwata is far and away the best and most out standing.
That said as far as running a company. I would need to rank them in the order they were there:

1. Yamauchi
2. Iwata
3. Kimishima
4. Furukawa

Furukawa has devoid the company of much of it's personality and charm imo. Sure the Switch is selling like hot cakes, but he comes off as a faceless CEO and isn't as fun as Iwata and Reggie. Though at least he isn't an asshole like Yamauchi. Then again without Yamauchi, Nintendo would not be what it is today. Though perhaps I'm being unfair to Furukawa and this could all change easily once the Switch successor rolls out and Furukawa undergoes a new generation of hardware. These are always defining moments of a Nintendo president. Time will tell, but perhaps we are all a bit early on ranking him.