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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion 38 minutes ago by uran10

    RolStoppable said: uran10 said: That's exactly why my confidence isn't misplaced. Let's start with the "vote blue no matter who" crowd. They will vote blue even if its Bernie. They have this crazy hare for Trump and they just want him gone, this is the vote that's putting Biden over because they have this misconception that he can beat Trump (he needs the luck of the irish, and...

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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 3 hours ago by CaptainExplosion

    COKTOE said: Keeps linking me to some video I don't have any interest in for some reason. ...

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    Kojima Productions Closes Offices After Staff Diagnosed with COVID-19. Whats the Best Studio-Game for you ?

    in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago by KazumaKiryu

    Good News: Death Stranding Photo Mode -Update, Out Now :) Bad News: Kojima Productions Closes Offices After Staff Diagnosed with COVID-19 Hope the Best for this Gaming-Studio and the Future. ...

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    Picture Association Game

    in General Discussion 7 hours ago by JEMC


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    "Newcomer's Introduction Thread"- What brought you here?

    in General Discussion 1 day ago by Marth

    mimtendo said: Hello! Hi ...

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    The Pro Wrasslin' Thread (WWE, WWF, WCW, TNA, ROH, NWA, NJPW, etc)

    in Sports Discussion 1 day ago by PAOerfulone

    Fair warning: Some parts are real tearjerkers.  ...

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    PS5 GDC Reveal and PS5 specs/performance Digital Foundry Video analysis : 3.5 Ghz 8 core Zen 2 CPU along with 10.3 TF RDNA 2 RT capable and 16GB GDDR6 RAM and also super crazy fast 5.5 GB/Second S

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by drkohler

    Pemalite said: Sony isn't in the game of designing processing chips from scratch anymore. And when you wake up Wednesday there will be Sony Electronics Corporation. Sony Electronics Corporation will incorporate the three businesses that comprise its Electronics Products & Solutions (“EP&S”) segment: Imaging, Home Entertainment, Mobile, all of which deal...

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    Based on what we know about the PS5: What do you think is the cheapest it can can be and break even; What will be the actual price?

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by EricHiggin

    Immersiveunreality said: There will most likely be a shortage of consoles so it would be weird to sell with a big loss when there arent enough consoles in stores anyway.499 it is! Maybe, but by launching at that price based mostly on lack of availability, they almost have to maintain it until holiday 2021 then. If they don't have a price advantage, and think they need or should...

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    Report: Sony looking to acquire Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill IP's from Konami, Kojima involvement planned

    in Sony Discussion 6 days ago by DonFerrari

    method114 said: Leynos said: Shocker this rumor was bullshit lol. No new Silent Hill. Konami shot that down I think that was a different rumor about Konami looking to reboot the series. Not about whether Sony was attempting to acquire the IP's. Anyway companies deny all rumors until they formally announce something ...

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    What generation has been your favorite so far for consoles?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2020 by curl-6

    Awarding the bronze medal is tricky for me. 7th for gold and 4th for silver is easy, but I'm haviong trouble picking between current and 5th for third place. I enjoyed the 5th more at the time, as it's games were more exciting and groundbreaking for their era thanks to the leap from 2D to 3D, but if I were to count the games I still really enjoy today, they'd be more from the current gen. ...

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    PlayStation Nation: Definitive Edition - Plus Games For March Announced

    in Sony Discussion on 21 March 2020 by deskpro2k3

    You know what. I'm relieved I don't have to stock up on batteries because of this pandemic. ...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion on 17 March 2020 by Jumpin

    Just different versions of the same song repackaged... ...

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    Recommend a lesser known awesome YouTube gaming channel

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2020 by StuOhQ

    S.Peelman said: I’ve really only been following two streamers/gamers, beside the obligatory AVGN/James and Mike. Contrary to the latter though the others I follow are actually serious about their gaming and try to do as good as possible. And they are extremely good at what they do. They’re pretty particular in what they play though, so you’ll have to like the games they...

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    The LGBT thread (Revisited)

    in General Discussion on 08 March 2020 by Squall_Leonhart

    Gaymer here :-D ...

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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion on 07 March 2020 by Farsala

    I also watched 3 more anime in February, keeping good pace. One Punch Man season 2- After what I have been hearing I expected it to be really bad, but it wasn't. It was average. The most grating thing was the lack of Saitama comparatively. Other than that I found the other stories as decent replacements. While all Saitama fights are predictable, these other fights weren't so predictable with...

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    VGC's Official "I've Got a Question That Doesn't Require a Thread" Thread

    in General Discussion on 02 March 2020 by Darwinianevolution

    Does anyone know if the american/japanese physical version of Megaman Zero Collection on the Switch is complete, or does it need a massive download to function? ...

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    Do you workout ?

    in Sports Discussion on 26 February 2020 by dukerx2

    Not as much as I would like. Hard to find time with work and family. ...

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    Ever wonder what are your most popular posts? I can tell you!

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 February 2020 by SpokenTruth

    SpokenTruth said: Sure. I'm guessing 10-12 likes was the highest. ----------------- Result ---------------------------- 13 likes - 11 likes - 11 likes - You were right! I think I just topped my number...

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    What is your favorite type of RPG?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 February 2020 by QUAKECore89

    Darn, this is hard.I think it should be MMORPG is my favorite type of RPG since i love playing with my guildmates for memes, raiding, Role Playing events, dungeons and festival events a lot.Action-RPG, Computer-RPG, and Tactical RPG are also my favorites type of RPG lol. ...

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    What's Your Favorite Music Format?

    in Music Discussion on 15 February 2020 by SvennoJ

    I just bought more CDs, in a store, EDM mixes in particular. Ironically a lot of the mixes consist of vinyl recordings. Uncompressed vinyl sound lol. I do still have some digital music saved on my ps3, Neowave trance mixes that aren't available in physical format on this side of the world. MP3 vinyl recordings. ...

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