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ckmlb said:
Avalach21 said:
ckmlb said:

All I know is Gballzack and Akhmed Tepish are the same person...

Also how many times do I have to say this? The PS1 dropped its price almost exactly at the point the PS3 did and the Xbox and GC both dropped their prices before.

So keep hoping for Sony to die Gballzack it's not happening.

And the Xbox and GC were failures

Not this again, you seriously consider 20 million consoles sold a failure?

If a console sells in 3rd or even 2nd it's not a failure as long as it has a big install base and great games.

Do you consider the PSP a failure too, I mean it has sold a lot less than the DS but is still selling very well and will continue for a couple more years probably.



I knew you would knitpick my statement.  I didn't think I'd have to post this.

 The Xbox and Gamecube were both failures in regards to marketshare.  When the PS2 sold 120 or something million units, yeah... I do consider 20 million consoles a failure (In regards to MARKETSHARE)  

 (if you would like to know,[in my opinion] each console had it's success and failures.  Nintendo failed by losing so much marketshare compared to their golden age, and even their N64 run.  They were successful in that they made more profit than either Sony or Microsoft through the generation cycle.  Sony was successful in that they managed to capture such a large majority of the marketshare.  I guess they sort of failed in a way if a company that only managed to caputre 16% of the marketshare that you did made over 2x the profit you did.  Microsoft failed in that they lost 4 billion dollars and that they only held a small fraction of the marketshare, but they succeeded in breaking into the videogame market against 2 longtime contendors, something that many consoles have had difficutly doing in the past.)

And if you are trying to justify the PS3's pricedrop by saying that the Xbox and GC did it too, well... the Xbox and GC both had a very small amount of marketshare.  Now, Nintendo can survive without as much market share, as their business startegy isn't AS dependant on 3rd party software, plus they don't subsidize their hardware at the expense of software.  Now also, the Xbox lost 4 billion dollars.  So if sony is in the same boat as the GC and/or Xbox, that is not very good.  Sony can't pull Gamecube marketshare numbers and survive.  That is not how their business strategy works.


I really didn't think I'd have to type that all out...

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