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Dolla Dolla said:
JHawkNH said:
I agree with Avalach on this one. GBallzack never stated that Sony would not drop the price. She just stated that they shouldn't because it would put added financial pressure on Sony. (Something long the lines of what I have been thinking) You claim that she "vehemently stated time and time again that Sony would not cut the PS3 price this year " but you have yet to quote here on an actual post where she states this. Please provide a link to a post were she states that Sony "will not cut the price before 2008" instead of "should not cut the price before 2008" and I will take back my last comments.

It's very sweet of you guys to come to Gballzack's defense. If you need further proof that she said Sony would not drop the price, I'll point you to this thread:

Forgive me if the passage I quoted didn't have her state it, but it was the reasons she was giving for them not droping the price this year. Here are other quotes from that thread, if you don't feel like combing thru the whole thing.

Gballzack said:

Sony is not in a position to lose anymore money, only because of pressure from game developers did they even sell it less in Japan and that was well before the 2 billion dollar loss. Heck in Europe they took out reverse compatibility to lower production cost but still kept the price as high as it was going to be in the first place. At this point Nintendo has more loose funds than Sony does. Stop kidding yourselves, a price drop isn't going to happen.

Gballzack said:
No, they don't have a choice, they can't drop the price. IF they drop the price even more the stock holders will fold and the company will be forced to forfeit the Playstation line, its that simple. There are too many invested interests in their money for them to act so recklessly.

And it goes on and on in the thread. Point being, she stated matter of factly that it wouldn't drop in price and why.

/Crow served

Edit: Ha! On the second page I even told her that I would make this thread if she was wrong. I forgot about that.


Thank you for providing the link.  You are correct, in later posts she did clain that there would not be a price drop.  I take back what I previouly posted.

/Crow taken