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Avalach21 said:
Dolla Dolla said:
Avalach21 said:

Wait... I don't see why GBallzack has to eat crow? From what you just quoted, she was actually quite insightful in what she said. In fact, what she said was very true. She hasn't been proven wrong at all.


She never siad that the PS3 wouldn't recieve a pricedrop, she merely listed the repercussions the pricedrop would cause. Even if she did elsewhere in the thread say that a Sony pricedrop would not occur, I would be far more impressed if the repercussions she stated did occur when the pricedrop did happen. Thusfar, she is correct. Now we wait...

Gballzack has vehemently stated time and time again that Sony would not cut the PS3 price this year because of all those reasons. And, after the price cut, it seems the stock has been moving pretty briskly, at least from the Amazon watch. If you want, I can dig up the original thread where she stated time and time again it wouldn't get a price cut.

If you've been around, you know she deserves this crow lol 

She predicted that the stock would move briskly for a time, and then all of the repercussions would fall into action.  Let's wait and see...

I agree with Avalach on this one. GBallzack never stated that Sony would not drop the price. She just stated that they shouldn't because it would put added financial pressure on Sony. (Something long the lines of what I have been thinking) You claim that she "vehemently stated time and time again that Sony would not cut the PS3 price this year " but you have yet to quote here on an actual post where she states this. Please provide a link to a post were she states that Sony "will not cut the price before 2008" instead of "should not cut the price before 2008" and I will take back my last comments.