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Legend11 said:
Ok answer me this... Did Nintendo spend more time on casual games during their conference or hardcore games? What about when they talked and showed videos, were the majority of hardcore games playing or were they of casual gamers? I didn't see Nintendo's E3 presentation so I'm not sure of those answers so that's why I'm asking. But from what I heard it seemed that Nintendo focused a lot more on casual.

Actually, they re-emphasized their commitment to both the hardcore and the casual. Reggie said this, oh, about 5 times during the conference.

I'm doing an even more extensive list of the Gamecube top-seller titles now, and including third party titles. A sonic game is up there on the list: one is already out, and another is production. Mario Party is up there on the list: in production. Resident Evil is high on the list: a remake is out, a new one is in production. Paper Mario is high on the list: already released. Kirby's Air Ride is up there; I think we can all assume that a Kirby game is either in production or will be soon. Soul Calibur II is on there; I'm sure Nintendo would love to get IV, but Legends will do fine. Finally, Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles is the 20th best selling game on the system, and it has a sequel coming to the Wii. Of the top 20 or so best selling games on the Gamecube list, I see maybe 5 games that haven't had a sequel officially announced/released on the Wii, and of those 5, most are assumed to be in production. New Hardcore IPs are being developed to, as Disaster: DoC attests to. 

Honestly, what more can we expect in the first year of the system's release? I mean that.">">