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JRPGfan said:
VAMatt said:

We're already starting to see Microsoft games on Switch. I think that trend will only accelerate. Sony will get there too, but I imagine it will a little longer for them. Sony is still doing well with the traditional game distribution model. Microsoft, at least relative to the kind of numbers that a giant company like that needs to see, is not doing so well. So they are more incentivized to find new ways to distribute their games to new players.

The same factors apply to both of them though. The dedicated home console business has been stagnant for a long time, in terms of the number of players. The big players have managed to increase revenue with microtransactions and expansions. But, that's not enough for these giant companies. These guys need serious growth, and they need it to continue. And the traditional business model is not providing that. So, as the industry moves forward, we'll see platform holders put their games on competitor's systems. We'll see more stuff launching on PC at or near the console launch. And we'll see more stuff coming to mobile phones. We're also going to see more and more streaming.  There's no doubt about it.

The question is....  why is 150m+ Nintendo users, 120m+ Playstation users, and 50m+ xbox useres, not a big enough market?
Even if it appears to have stagnated.  Factor in the PC, and that should probably be another 200m or something.

How big a market does gameing need? are games to big and expensive, to not also chase the mobile market?
If so, imagine your next gen console, and most of the games there where mobile ones . _ .

"these guys need serious growth, and they need it to continue"

Why? earn a few billion here and there, and be happy..... is it so hard? how greedy are "these guys" ?.

"And we'll see more stuff coming to mobile phones. We're also going to see more and more streaming.  There's no doubt about it."

I hope this doesn't come to pass.
I'm not buying mobile games on pc, or console, and wont in future either.
They go that route, they wont be getting my buy atleast (and likely many others).

Game development costs a lot of money, the costs of development are way higher than 15 years ago, yet the number of consoles sold is basically static overall. 

When your game development cost is triple/quadruple what it was years ago, and the development time of these games is now also like 4-9 years instead of 2-3 years (longer dev time = longer amount of time you have to wait to see any return on investment), the console numbers aren't good enough. 

The size of the PC gaming market for people who own a rig that can run a modern-ish game well is also way smaller than 200 million. It's maybe more like another 60+ million. A lot of people who buy high end GPUs buy it for professional reasons too (video editing, music/content creation, computer graphics, etc.), it's not a given that everyone that has a high end GPU is using it to play games on. 

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