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LegitHyperbole said:
Soundwave said:

The dimensions at least height and width are apparently in the Shipment Manifest leak that Famiboards found on the Switch 2 components. 

The dimensions they found are (*no Joycons attached*) for the plastic front or back piece of the system are apparently:

206mm X 115mm X 14mm (depth)

Now they're not sure if the depth is 100% because the plastic front (back?) piece could connect to another piece and in theory be thicker (there's no way of knowing), but the height and width would be the same. 

The current Switch (OLED) is (no Joycons)

173mm x 102mm x 13.9mm

Based on this the system is substantially larger than the current Switch. The new dock listing they found in the shipment data also seems to measure up to this size, so that's also probably another tell. The "new" dock from the same shipment data has a 200mm width so that seems to lineup with this. 

It's a big system. If the Joycons are the same width as the current Joycons (so that means roughly 66mm for two Joycons), the system would be 272mm wide x 115mm tall, so a little smaller than the Steam Deck but not by much. Considerably thinner though possibly. On the plus side ... that's a lot of space for a big ass battery. 

Oof. That's rough, the OG switch was pushing it for portability. I hope they don't think people use PC portables for anything other than lazily round the house. Perhaps they have data that shows people don't actually use the switch on the go too 🤔 

I think their internal data is showing that people prefer larger screens + don't mind larger portables. I mean people take their huge phones and even tablets everywhere. Looks like they went with a significantly larger system. I think their internal data probably also showed people weren't shoving their Switch into their pant pockets (like a DS or 3DS) anyway. It's too big as is, so I think they figured they can go even larger if you're putting it in a bag, case, or larger jacket pocket or something. 

Another plus though beyond the chipset, screen, and battery stuff is the Joycons are going to be larger too which should help comfort in using them especially when held horizontally.