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Persona is doing well, but its total sales are not really comparable with FF. The best example for now would be P5 (Royal) Vs FF15. That's not really a competition.

FF16 still needs the pc port and a rerelease on PS6 Xbox and Switch 2 before we can fairly compare it with the total sales of P5. We can compare P3 with FFVII Rebirth, but even if sales are 50% of remake launch aligned it's still way ahead.

FF is dieing, but it's still the prince of JRPG with Monster Hunter and Pokémon being king and queen and every other Nintendo RPG (aside Zelda) as it's princesses.

I don't see Zelda and Elden Ring as JRPG's otherwise they are pretty much Emperor and Empress. Persona, Yakuza, etc. rank as nobility but need to have more impressive launches and legs to really compete with mainline FF titles. Even FF16 still had a 3 million launch on one platform (and terrible legs).

Last edited by Qwark - on 27 May 2024

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