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Dulfite said:
Machiavellian said:

If you believe that then you definitely do not understand what is going on.  As I have stated, there is no doubt that Phil is definitely in charge and he got promoted for it.  Do not believe that any decisions made was not made, approved and initiated by Phil.  You guys really just do not understand how big corps like MS work.  

How do you feel?

I do not feel one way or the other because I just do not have enough information.  There could be plenty of reasons why Tango got caught up in the restructure of Bethesda but one thing for sure, something was going to happen within Bethesda as I have felt that recently they just are not pulling their weight as a first party studio.  One thing for sure is that we have never seen anyone make any big decisions concerning any of MS studios not since Phil took over so it's very hard for me to see anyone making any real decisions now.  There is a primary shift going on at MS and just like with Lionhead, decisions are being made whether good or bad but those decisions are being made from the person in charge of gaming and that would be Phil.