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Chrkeller said:

I had to look up what CA was. I tend to not notice it.  I've toggled it on and off in RE remakes and couldn't figure out what was even different.  

It is interesting that people claim there isn't differences between medium and ultra settings, but find CA obvious.

I'm the opposite. Ultra settings are glaring and obvious, but with CA I have to play "where's Waldo" to notice.

This isn't a jab at anyone. Just a comment on how different people notice different things.

I can't wait to see graphics continue to improve and push UE5.  This is just the beginning.

The weird thing is its a artifact from camra lenses that the movie industry views as a mistake, and tries to get rid of it.
Games dont naturally have it, so you have to spend gpu resources to make this fake lense effect a camra captureing a movie would make.

So the movie industry is like, the eye doesn't work like this, and this artifact shouldnt be in here, how do we reduce/remove it.
While the gameing industry is like, this makes our games look like it was a film! lets add tons of it.

People are pretty split on it...  I think its much more noticeable in screenshots than in actual motion. 
I'm not a big fan of it myself, if its there its there, if I can turn it off I do, if I can't its whatever.