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I still think that Matrix Awakens UE5 demo report from Gamescom for Switch 2 was legitimate. It was reported and confirmed by multiple reliable sources, even a reliable XBox leaker in Jez Corden also said he had heard Nintendo was showing off the system behind closed doors at the event.

I've heard nothing come out since that goes against that report, no denial from Nintendo even when they were asked to comment, no denial from anyone there, no "well I was at Gamescom that definitely didn't happen because if it was we would've seen it" type of thing. It seems like Nintendo may have been upset that it leaked also because they didn't go back to Gamescom the following year, maybe has nothing to do with it, or maybe they decided they didn't want to risk more leaks. 

And looking at the demo at look at what we know about a Tegra T239 it also seems like it would be entirely possible. The only reason a 2050 can't run that demo is because it's hard locked to only 4GB of video RAM and the demo requires I believe 6GB minimum. A 3050 laptop GPU can run it.

Last edited by Soundwave - on 25 May 2024