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JRPGfan said:
LegitHyperbole said:

If it's as good as ps4 it'll be darn impressive. Some of the later ps4 exclusives excluded cause they were miracles, mid gen ps4 third party is what I would imagine. The thing that interests me is if they focus on battery life more as well as new features like HDR and some form of DLSS and other ai features we've not yet seen.

HDR on a handheld? that should be left for docked/tv mode only atleast.
You dont need the brightness of a thusand suns,.... when your playing on a handheld, and worried about battery life.

I can't see why HDR contrast would be a bad thing for a handheld aside from the battery issues but luminosity doesn't need to be the focus, HDR is so much more than that. I suppose as long as they have an OLED screen, that'll do the same job.