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sc94597 said:
Chrkeller said:

Wouldn't a move to ARM kill backwards compatibility?  Especially with PS Now and Game Pass?

I wholly agree tools and AI are going to explode in the next 5 years.  Unreal 5 demos show there is still a ton to be had with visuals.  

It'll make backwards compatibility harder and moderately more costly, but it won't kill it.

Middle-ware (including emulators and translation layers) are much more well-developed these days than they were even ten years ago. To the point where you have open-source teams of amateurs making excellent emulators in relatively short periods of time. Microsoft and Sony are capable of hiring competent staff who are familiar with x86 -> ARM translation to build emulators or translation layers that work well and are fast at a minimal cost. 

Microsoft, in particular, needs to have some sort of translation layer for the ARM-based PC's they are pushing now while we are in this x86 -> ARM limbo era, and I'd be surprised if Game Pass for PC didn't have an x86-ARM translation layer in 4-5 years. ARM (and probably eventually RISC V in the following decades) are most likely the future of most consumer CPU's. 

Cool.  Thanks my friend.  I appreciate the information.  Makes sense.  


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