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LegitHyperbole said:
Chrkeller said:


S2->12 gb

ps4->8 gb

ps4 pro->8gb

ps5->16 gb


S2->122 gb/s

ps4->176 gb/s

ps4 pro->217 gb/s

ps5->448 gb/s

The S2 will have newer chips compared to the ps4 as well.  I don't see any reason why the S2 won't be outputting end of cycle ps4 quality visuals.  I think ps4 pro is on the table.  I agree, it is impressive and is more than enough for a Nintendo system.  Sure, the Rog X, based on rumors (24 gb ram), will out class the S2, but I'm guessing the majority don't want to pay Rog X money for Nintendo hardware. 

The standard switch should be doing better but it gets to 360p at times. Maybe there'll be a few games with graphics like you said but sense Nintendo doesn't focus on them and Switch doesn't get AAA exclusives the games will be stripped down versions of ps5/X focused games and they'll not reach the beauty of Horizon forbidden west. Depends on where the developers make the concessions with the porting I suppose. 

The switch was heavily underclocked which limited performance.  Assuming Nintendo is better with cooling, the S2 should have less issues.  Especially if the dock has active cooling. 

The S2 should be a hell of a jump over the original.  It won't be a ps5 but it will be a ps4 at a minimum.  


Vengeance 32 gb

RTX 4090 Ventus 3x E OC

Switch OLED