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HoloDust said:
curl-6 said:

Hogwarts is not only a big game in itself, but it's also effectively a PS5/Xbox Series game, with even the PS4 and Xbox One versions being substantially downgraded ports that don't fit comfortably on the hardware.

Porting PS4 games to Switch is already a challenging undertaking; porting something that's built for PS5 is a gargantuan undertaking, basically equivalent to porting a PS4 title to Vita or a PS3 game to PSP. The fact that Hogwarts is playable at all is a testament to Shiver's abilities, it must have been a hellish task.

Yeah, massive props to them for making Switch port, though some things took quite a big hit (especially water). I still find Witcher 3 port to be better looking in many aspects than Hogwarts on Switch.

Hogwarts required harsher sacrifices as its a much more technically demanding game than Witcher 3.

Witcher manages 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One, while Hogwarts brings PS4 down to 900p and Xbox One kicking and screaming all the way down to 720p with framerate struggles to boot. Both also needed content changes just to work on those machines such as new walls to block off demanding views or tables remade in a more geometric design.

Witcher 3 on Switch is an exemplary port, one of the best of a demanding title on the system especially with the settings options added later, but Hogwarts must have been significantly harder to pull off, hence the deeper cuts.