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This thread is insane. A few thoughts.

1. I think Final Fantasy could sell well on PC; it's just that Square always treated the platform terribly with late (and sometimes terrible) ports. Every single player Final Fantasy release didn't release on PC day and date with the Playstation versions.

2. FF7 Remake was exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year and it launched in a terrible state. It came to Steam a year later and it was still $70. That certainly didn't help sales. XV sold pretty well on Steam, at least for a 2 year late port. (It's 1-2m according to SteamSpy, close to the Xbox One version).

3. I don't think FF17 is coming to the Switch 2, but it's probably going full multiplatform and it will be coming to Xbox and PC day one. 7 Remake/Rebirth, 14 and probably 16 are the ones I think will be released on the Switch 2, but they won't light the world on fire considering they're all late ports.

4. GTA 6 is not going to kill the Switch 2 hype, that's ridiculous. The two can coexist together and be successful.