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Tober said:
Chrkeller said:

I'm on the fence on GTA6 hitting the S2. I guess it depends on how hard it is to port. My assumption is portables will struggle with it.

All I saw from GTA6 is a cinematic trailer. This game went in development loooooonnnnnnggggg time ago. I could imagine when they started, they had no idea what a PS5/Xbox Series could do, so the game was developed with PS4 pro-ish in mind.

Maybe, probably.  But I think portables will struggle for two reasons.  GTA 6 is going to crush some storage space.  And because it will have so much going on it will rip memory bandwidth.  

But we shall see.  I don't even like GTA but I will give them props, the series tends to push past what people thought was possible.  

I'll have to disagree that Rock had no idea what a ps5/xbox could do....  PC is always ahead of consoles.  It isn't hard to figure out what to expect from consoles.  I don't think any developer got a ps5 dev kit and was caught off guard.  M2 storage wasn't novel.  16 gb of ram is reasonable.  And a 2070s gpu was expected.  


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