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IcaroRibeiro said:
curl-6 said:

Hogwarts on Switch made up a substantial portion of sales, more than half some weeks on the UK charts: (53% this Feb)

Hogwarts had the third biggest launch of a Switch game in 2023 behind only Mario and Zelda:

As for FF7, it would almost certainly do more than 300-400k. Nintendo has cultivated an audience that loves JRPGs.

If half of the console sales are from Switch I will give a 25% to 35% split on post launch sales, as we nee to account for PC sales as well not included on UK charts 

The game sold 22 million in 2023, with 2 million copies from Christmas. I guess it was sitting on 19 million before Switch release and has ever since moved additional 5 million 

With a 25% to 35% total for those 5 million for Switch means Switch version sits between 1.25 million copies and 1.75 million copies. Read: Between 6 and 8% of its total sales, which was what I asked in my post

I don't believe a late port with very downgrade graphics will past anywhere over the 10% total sales on Switch 2 hence why don't think Rebirth will sell anything more than sub-400k copies but alas, we have to wait and see 

Point is, 400k may be enough to cover development costs and make a bit of profit but not to salvage the game and even less so to cover the free money and marketing Sony used to give to Square

I guess it depends on what kind of “downgrade” a potential VII Rebirth port would look like on a console thats potentially stronger and newer tech than a PS4/4 Pro, which had VII Remake. 

Unless theres a noted falloff from the Switch 1 audience to the Switch 2 audience in regards to supporting JRPGs, I do not see why Rebirth, if marketed well and looks good enough, cannot reach 1 million units sold on Switch 2. I know third party games sell better on PS, but I think the Switch has done well for itself in regards to third party success.