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Ryuu96 said:
shavenferret said:

Well this definitely makes me feel good if America or even NATO has to fight Russia. The ruskiesare so hard up for IFVs that they are using 70 year old vehicles that are basically just tractors with no protection at all for the troops. One drone could send 10 soldiers to hell.

No doubt America would destroy Russia in a conventional war, the issue is if they'd have the stomach for it even if Russia starts it. Personally, I'm starting to doubt what America + Western Europe's response would be if Russia started anything with the Baltic countries and I mean no disrespect but Russia would make quick work of the Baltics.

The good thing is that there are already 10k+ troops from USA, UK, Germany and many other countries stationed in the Baltics. So Russia would have to attack and kill some of them and even with how shitty the West is with how they handle Ukraine I doubt they wouldn't use their NATO Response Force in this situation. 

I mean, they would pretty much have to take their already stationed soldiers out of these countries while Russia would attack. That would be some crazy stuff and make the whole purpose of NATO completely irrelevant and would be a collapse of the West.

It would be a sign for countries like Romania that they won't get any help either. This wouldn't be only a military but a political and economical disaster killing all the relationships between countries.