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Chrkeller said:
Kyuu said:

Timed exclusivity and the $70 pricetag might play a very minor role in why FF isn't doing well these days. But they are far from the main reasons. All notable Sony games including Days Gone sell better on a single platform than recent FF on PS and PC combined, with some 4 or 5 times better.

JRPGs have limited popularity and are associated with weebs. FF is no longer the cool console defining shit, and it'll take a miracle to get it in the 20 million+ league.

I loved Rebirth. It's easily a contender for best combat system of all time imo, and it has a lot more going for it than just combat, so I'm not pleased at all that it's underperforming. But sometimes great games won't sell gangbusters. This genre itself has a limited appeal, and to top it off, Rebirth is a fragemented sequel to a fragmented remake.

I could be wrong but I still think something like FF16 could push an extra 2-3 million on PC via day 1 release, standard PC pricing and with good performance.  Maybe I'm wrong but I think the audience is there.

Plus splitting FF7 into 3 separate games was a God awful decision.  Square needed to cut all the nonsense fluff and at most make it 2 games. 

Square just needs to be smarter with PC folk.  I mean Triangle Strategy for $60....  😆 

I think releasing day 1 on PC would have less impact on overall sales, and more on PS vs PC splits. Which isn't really good for SquareEnix because Sony's money/marketing would be out of the equation. The reason I think Square is distancing itself from AAA exclusives going forward, is because Sony (and Epic Games?) no longer sees much value in the IP or in SquareEnix in general, and won't pay much for a timed exclusivity anymore. The other reason is Switch 2 will probably be able to play scaled back PS5 games without high extra costs.

As for fragmenting the game. Honestly, I think I prefer that from an experience perspective (I enjoyed Remake and especially Rebirth a lot, minus the story bs). But it does feel like a really bad decision from a market perspective. If FF6 is ever to get a similar treatment (let me dream), I'd still want it to be a two part Remake rather than just one game.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 22 May 2024