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JRPGfan said:
VAMatt said:

It's too early to call the game a success as a live service title.  Obviously big up front sales is very important. But the goal of a live service game is to keep making money for several years. I think it will be at least a year from now before we know if that's going to happen. 

Certainly Sony is happy to see the game selling. And at this point you would probably bet that it will be a successful game in the long-term. But it hasn't actually achieved that success yet.

Its the 4th month, and it still has daily 100k players (steam only, yesterday on a sunday).
How realistic is it that 3-4 years onwards it still has large player base? How many service games do that?
Assumeing the near 50/50 split is still going, theres probably also 100k+ players on playstation loging in daily.

To compair Halo Infinate had 4800 players log-in yesterday on steam (currently has 1200 players online).
And thats a f2play game, where you would expect much higher numbers.

Service games just dont last that long.
"serveral years" .....  Halo was from  Late november 2021 (2 years 5months ago).

Does that fall into the same catagory? or is it not a succesfull live service game by your metric?

I'd call Destiny 2 a big success.  I'd call Fortnite and Apex massive successes.  I'd call Halo Infinite neither a success or failure (from a business standpoint).  It kind of sits on the line between failure and just strong enough to keep rolling along, from a business perspective. (As a gamer, I think Halo Infinite has become an excellent game.)

But, I can only call them successes because they have multiple year track records.  I would say that any live service game that fizzles out in less than 18 months is definitely a failure. 24 months is kind of a rough cutoff point, unless I were to have some additional information about the financial performance of the game, that might make me think otherwise.