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Chrkeller said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

If 10 USD was such a deal-breaker for PC gamers then Persona 3 Reloaded would not have break its all time launch debut. It's also a PS4 game and you can go as far as saying it has PS3 graphics 

FF VII sold poorly because PC gamers don't care for single player Final Fantasy 

XV was open world and released 2 years after PS4 release and for many PC gamers their first Final Fantasy, that's why it sold decent number's. But PC gamers who never played the original VI don't have the same emotional attachment for Remake, hence why the sales declined so much

All I can tell you is I'm a PC gamer and gave up PS.  I would happily get remake but not at $70, it should be $50 at most.  I would also get rebirth and 16, but not at $70.  If Square wants top dollar then day 1 and an excellent port is mandatory.  Year old lazy ports should be $40.  

You think I'm just a one off?  Because I suspect there are many just like me. 

Timed exclusivity and the $70 pricetag might play a very minor role in why FF isn't doing well these days. But they are far from the main reasons. All notable Sony games including Days Gone sell better on a single platform than recent FF on PS and PC combined, with some 4 or 5 times better.

JRPGs have limited popularity and are associated with weebs. FF is no longer the cool console defining shit, and it'll take a miracle to get it in the 20 million+ league.

I loved Rebirth. It's easily a contender for best combat system of all time imo, and it has a lot more going for it than just combat, so I'm not pleased at all that it's underperforming. But sometimes great games won't sell gangbusters. This genre itself has a limited appeal, and to top it off, Rebirth is a fragemented sequel to a fragmented remake.