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KrspaceT said:

Nintendo on PC seems very unlikely. Sony needed it because their games got too expensive they have to rely on FOMO and convienence to sell consoles to keep the money flowing. Microsoft has been on fire for ages. Nintendo's basically at the top of the world profit wise right now, They don't have to support PC.

I think Nintendo has no problems with PC at all, they're just not ever going to support PC unless people stop buying their hardware. 

PC is not going to money hat content off Nintendo consoles the way Sony/MS have done, PC is not going to push Nintendo into a pissing match to lose $100, $200/per unit of hardware like Microsoft tried. PC is a much nicer neighbor for Nintendo than Playstation and XBox. 

Frankly the more PC neuters Sony and MS and forces them to basically devalue their content to a degree by just making it all multiplatform is better for Nintendo. 

They stand out even more then. 

The more Sony fixates on PC and supports PC more, the weaker the Playstation becomes and also the message is crystal clear to 3rd parties too -- if Sony doesn't even have exclusives, we'd be crazy to give the PS5/PS6 exclusives. Which is a win-win for Nintendo. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 21 May 2024