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IcaroRibeiro said:
curl-6 said:

I really don't think a potential Rebirth port would sell poorly on Switch 2.
We've seen third party ports like Hogwarts Legacy or Witcher 3 sell well enough on the current Switch, and the Switch audience is big on JRPGs; Dragon Quest 11 sold more in its first week on Switch in Japan than Rebirth did on PS5, and that's despite the Switch version being two years late.

I guess any number can be considered either good or bad depending on whether you want the outlook to be positive or not 

The Witcher probably sold what, 5% of its total sales on Switch? What about Hogwats Legacy? 8%?

Both results can be considered acceptable because the games in question are massive success to begin with, so any additional copy is pure profit at this point

The case of Final Fantasy is much more severe. It's a franchise that is having problem to sell even as low as 4 million copies. If anything Switch can bring is a pitiful 300-400k extra copies (which is precisely how much I think it will bring) the IP will still having problems surviving. Maybe enough to break even port costs, hardly enough to help the IP make profits 

Anecdotal for sure, but the UK charts show Hogwarts Legacy being sold most on Switch nowadays for quite some time (Nintendo Life provides the split in their weekly reporting). The other versions had a head start, so not sure how the split is over total sales. But Warner Bross certainly made the right choice by green-lighting the port to Switch.