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the-pi-guy said:

Chrkeller said:

And got to love it when you started using "legal" to only realize I never said anything about law.  Got yourself good on that one.

Fact is you misread what I said and stepped in it.  The question is, will you own it?

You said it was a government regulation in your second post. 

>you are 100% not suppose to change your tire. It is a government regulation.

Implies it is illegal to change your tire. 

A government recommendation isn't the same thing as a government regulation. 

Government regulates the test.  The answer per the test is call an operator....  just like I said.

Don't put words in my mouth.  I never said anything about legality.  

I love it when people are wrong but are too immature to admit it.

Either way, this horse is dead.  


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