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BasilZero said:
VersusEvil said:

Finished my very first Metroid game last night with MPR. I would definitely play MP2 if it got a remastered release on Switch/New Nintendo Switch.

I'm planning to play/beat my first Metroid game in the future.

Not sure if I should start with Metroid Prime remake or if I should just play Metroid 1 on NSO. Still thinking about which one to do first.

Both is fine, but if it's Metroid 1 I suggest consulting a walkthrough from time to time. Usually the main pull of Metroid games is finding roadblocks, detouring for a while in order to stumble upon upgrades, then overcoming the roadblocks. But the first game is pretty rough and very confusing. Still a cool game, though.

Edit: I think one major reason why early Metroid games became so beloved is because they come from a time before the Internet. If you're stuck, you're stuck. Go find a way out. There is a way, just keep looking. Nowadays we're kind of spoiled in that whenever we're stuck in a game, we just look it up in the web. The sensational feeling of digging yourself out of the mud is phenomenal. To find a hidden path that opens up a new area full of new possibilities is a wonderful feeling. Who am I talking to, you surely know that damn well. So in that regard, maybe don't consult a walkthrough. However, since we're adults now and have no time anymore, ... I don't know. It's up to you and your level of resilience.

Last edited by GoOnKid - on 18 May 2024