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Finished Tears of the Kingdom last night on the 1-year anniversary.

Loved it even more than the already outstanding Breath of the Wild.

Honestly have no idea how people can dislike this game. And a lot of the criticisms I see (it's just a copy of BOTW) are either completely unfounded or only loosely based on the most surface level of surface appearances and nothing more. Loved the mechanics. Loved the world. Loved the story and the cinematics and the epic feel of it all. I actually LIKED the voice acting in this one (Wasn't a fan in Breath of the Wild, I feel that would have been fine without it). Better dungeons, better exploration options, better mechanics, a LOT more things to do. I could get lost in this game and would seriously consider restarting from scratch if I was allowed to have more than one save file.

Seriously, what's up with that? I beat the game. I want to keep my legacy save while still playing through it again. I always keep the first save of any play through of a game while playing it a second time for completionist's sake or whatever. I notice that my other favourite Nintendo games of 2023 (Mario RPG and Mario Wonder) both had restrictively limited save slots, too.

Like, you think I'm only gonna play Mario RPG Once, twice, or three times? No that's a game I'll be returning to ever year just like the original!

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