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Just for those interested in additional wrestling content.

Storytime with Dutch Mantel is another great one. I'd say Dutch is probably around as intelligent and knowledgeable as Cornette, but doesn't have the volume turned up to 10 for every opinion. So Dutch, Jim Cornette, Cafe Rene (Rene Dupree, and often Paul London), and Eric Bischoff are probably the ones I recommend. I've fallen off listening to Vince Russo as much, and I probably wouldn’t recommend him, as he changes his opinions, drastically, depending on which side of the borderline he's on (I'm 90% sure he has borderline personality disorder). Russo can go from being interested in a lot of minute details of the wrestling industry and discussing it with people one day; but, the next day calling all wrestling fans a bunch of idiot marks, and that he hates everything about the wrestling industry and its fans. Russo is profoundly cynical, and a massive drama Queen half the time… you just don’t know which Russo you’re getting when tuning in.

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