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zeldaring said:
Chrkeller said:

Form factor limits battery size which limits performance.  Form factor limits hear dissipation which limits performance.  

That is just basic computer building.  I built a form factor for my kids, it can't do a 4080 or 4090, it won't fit.

Form factor is absolutely a bottleneck.  Form factor and high end are opposing forces.  

I understand that form factor is a bottle neck just saying we been about these specs for Nearly 2 years now and to get basically the same specs for a switch 2 in 2025 just feels disappointing. 

Maybe.  Depends on perspective.  Back in 2022 those specs were rumored for a switch pro.  Personally I never bought that nonsense.  


I still think people are underselling cooling and performance.  My computer has 8 standard fans, psu has 1 fan, cpu 2 fans and gpu has 3 fans....   the exhaust out of my computer is 38 to 40 C.  The S2 can't do cutting edge performance in a small form factor design.  

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 13 May 2024


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