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Pyro as Bill said:
Soundwave said:

There's also a thing called the pandemic that shut down every gym on the planet and caused all fitness related products to skyrocket in demand, I don't think it would have those numbers without the pandemic occurring. Even basic barbells and weight benches were sold out on Amazon and in stores, Peloton stock went through the roof, etc. etc. 

So Ring Fit is a fad and Nintendo struck gold with the pandemic? That would also imply Switch Sports outsells Pokemon had it released pre-Covid.

I'm saying many fitness based products saw a huge surge in sales over the pandemic as people were not only locked out of gyms in some countries you weren't even allowed to go outside for a walk, lol. 

You couldn't even buy bog standard bar bells on Amazon and other fitness sites as they were sold out, I don't think it's any kind of stretch to say that had a huge impact on the sales of a lot of fitness based products. 

Switch Sports is barely even one of the top 20 selling Switch games, imagine if Wii Sports was the 19th top selling Wii game.