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RolStoppable said:
Soundwave said:

lol you're seriously going to say Brain Training and Nintendogs now weren't key pillars of the DS? LOL, I think you've lost the plot on that. 

BOTW is definitely an expansion on the "3D epic" title lineage that Nintendo really began on the N64 with games like Mario 64, and obviously more specifically Ocarina of Time. BOTW is the modern day Ocarina of Time with all the evolution in 3D open world games that has come from then till now. I don't see anything wrong with that statement at all. 

Not sure why you find it so necessary to shame Nintendo hardware that didn't sell as well for various reason as some kinds of abominations or red headed step children or something. 

Yes, I am saying that, because consoles don't sell 100m+ units based on two IPs alone, like you suggested for the Wii and the DS. The successes of the Wii and DS were based on so much more than gimmicks, but that's something that you don't want to admit, because then your entire house of cards would collapse and you couldn't assign Switch's success to Nintendo's failed consoles.

BotW's prototype was built with NES graphics and it is the original The Legend of Zelda that serves as the main inspiration. After all, the original game had an open world whereas no 3D Zelda has had one before BotW. It's no coincidence that the people who rave about the OoT/TP style dislike BotW, precisely because BotW is not an evolution of OoT.

Lastly, the reason why all this is important is because a reasonable analysis of the past allows one to predict the future with higher accuracy.

Why do you feel such a pressing need to label things a success or "failure" and even if at that, why do you assume then to tie quality in to sales. Those are not equivalent things. Is Taylor Swift (and I don't even have anything against Taylor Swift) the 2nd/3rd/4th greatest musician to ever live? Well based on sales numbers you could make the case, but does anyone actually believe that? 

Ideas/concepts have a time and place too. There's nothing Nintendo could have done in 2002, no controller, no marketing campaign, nothing that would've made Animal Crossing and Pikmin sell even a quarter of what they have sold today. The world wasn't keen on those ideas in 2002, it wasn't that the idea was some how wrong or without merit, it just wasn't the right time. Some ideas have their time and that's all there is to it, you can't force it or manufacture it, it just happens. 

It's fine to look at sales numbers but I think you go way overboard by coflating sales = quality. That's not true of any kind of art form, not movies, not music, and not games either. You'd get laughed at if you walked into a room of film enthusiasts and said Avatar is the greatest movie ever made because Box Office told you so based on numbers.