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RolStoppable said:
Soundwave said:

You could remove those two games and I doubt the system sells that substantially less, neither of those games are even in the top 10 Switch LTD sellers. That's the difference, you remove Wii Sports and Wii Fit from the Wii and what does the Wii sell? 

The Switch has the DNA of the N64 (finally actually fulfills the mainstream appeal of 3D Mario to 2D Mario levels or higher for example, BOTW is really the true successor to the N64's epic 3D games like OoT and so on), it has the realized potential of the GameCube (Animal Crossing finally fully realizing its full franchise potential) and very clearly even has the DNA of the Wii U too. 

If anything actually it's surprising how little of DS' heritage is in the Switch, they barely support touch based gaming at all and didn't even bother with a Nintendogs nor did Brain Training get any kind of big push, they haven't really tried to iterate on touch as a input method even though it is arguably the most intuitive to non-gamers. Again not really shocking there as smartphone gaming has cannibalized that market way too much. 

You are the first one who links BotW's success to the N64. What a joke.

The heritage of the DS is that portable console gaming was taken seriously among third parties for the first time and not just a dumping ground for ports of old home console games. This is absolutely essential for Switch's success. But go ahead and pretend that Nintendogs and Brain Training were the key pillars of the DS's success.

lol you're seriously going to say Brain Training and Nintendogs now weren't key pillars of the DS? LOL, I think you've lost the plot on that. 

BOTW is definitely an expansion on the "3D epic" title lineage that Nintendo really began on the N64 with games like Mario 64, and obviously more specifically Ocarina of Time. BOTW is the modern day Ocarina of Time with all the evolution in 3D open world games that has come from then till now. I don't see anything wrong with that statement at all. 

Not sure why you find it so necessary to shame Nintendo hardware that didn't sell as well for various reason as some kinds of abominations or red headed step children or something. Systems like the N64 and GameCube and yes even Wii U still have merit and still have clear influence on the Switch. 

Sales believe it or not is the actual ultimate barometer for whether or not something is good. The top 10 selling music albums are not indisputably the 10 best music albums ever made. Avatar is not the best movie ever made, it's probably not even one of the 4-5 best James Cameron movies, even if it has the highest box office. If we're talking long term influence there are plenty of games, movies, game consoles, computer hardware, etc. etc. that were not the best selling of their era but went on to become far more influential in the long run too, there's no shortage of examples of that. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 10 May 2024