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I understand why people are choosing Panic Button. The work they did with those games is great. But, if you recall, almost all of those (or maybe all of them) are 60FPS on Xbox One and PS4. Which means just cutting the framerate in half like they did already gave them a significant amount of room to play around with.

Saber Interactive? Well, not only does The Witcher 3 look pretty good for the platform (albeit at a low resolution), but it was 30FPS on PS4 and Xbox One, and not a steady one at that. In addition, it's an open world title, the exact type of title that the Switch's hardware is worst at. Kingdom Come Deliverance is another one that they ported, which that game was also not a steady 30FPS on PS4 and I believe only ran at 900p. Just super impressive they were able to put that on Switch.

Finally, go take a look at Crisis on PS3/360 and then Switch. Yes it's a remaster with newer technology, but the fact remains that it's a significant improvement AND they even implemented SVOGI. Which basically voxel-based ray tracing.