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Soundwave said:
curl-6 said:

Blue Ocean philosophy goes way beyond just those two games. The entire concept of the Switch, seeking an unexploited space in the market rather than directly competing with what the competition is doing, is the Blue Ocean strategy.

Like the Wii and DS, Switch opted out of pursuing parity with Playstation and Xbox and prioritized breaking down barriers to entry for consumers instead. 

You can find heritage from many of Nintendo's previous systems in the Switch, but the Wii and DS are very well represented in its DNA.

People may not want to admit, but really the truth is the system the Switch has the most in common with is the Wii U, it has more of its a DNA than any other system right down to its two most important games are literal Wii U titles, but that isn't the "sexy story" so it gets spun in every other way but that. 

That just goes to show how important *execution* is to any hardware system. Does a system look like something Batman would use (and thus acceptable to adults and kids will go along with it because it looks "cool" anyway) or does it look like a Fisher Price toy? What are your games in the first 12 months? Do they make people go "wow"? Especailly (yes) core gamers? etc. etc. etc. etc. Half portability isn't actually useful to most people, you need full portability to have a functional piece of hardware that people can look at and go "oooooh, ok, yeah I get it, that is cool". 

Switch does inherit a lot of software from Wii U and does feel like the realization of a hybrid concept that the Wii U was a half-baked version of, but I feel their core philosophy is very different.

The Wii U's problem was that its central gimmick added a barrier to entry rather than removing one. It was inconvenient, unnecessary, a solution in search of a problem. It complicated gameplay input, it complicated multiplayer by adding asymmetry and by each console only supporting a single Gamepad, it got in the way of just picking up and playing games.

Switch on the other hand was all about making it easy and painless to pick up and play whether you were at home, at work, on holiday, on the train, whenever and wherever.