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Soundwave said:
curl-6 said:

Yeah the Switch hasn't abandoned the blue ocean at all; it has simply married a blue ocean approach with a strong commitment to the core/enthusiast sector.
The DNA of the Wii/DS is alive and well in the Switch, in its motion controls and software like Ring Fit and Switch Sports.

You could remove those two games and I doubt the system sells that substantially less, neither of those games are even in the top 10 Switch LTD sellers. That's the difference, you remove Wii Sports and Wii Fit from the Wii and what does the Wii sell? 

The Switch has the DNA of the N64 (finally actually fulfills the mainstream appeal of 3D Mario to 2D Mario levels or higher for example), it has the realized potential of the GameCube (Animal Crossing finally fully realizing its full franchise potential) and very clearly even has the DNA of the Wii U too. 

Blue Ocean philosophy goes way beyond just those two games. The entire concept of the Switch, seeking an unexploited space in the market rather than directly competing with what the competition is doing, is the Blue Ocean strategy.

Like the Wii and DS, Switch opted out of pursuing parity with Playstation and Xbox and prioritized breaking down barriers to entry for consumers instead. 

You can find heritage from many of Nintendo's previous systems in the Switch, but the Wii and DS are very well represented in its DNA.