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EpicRandy said:
Kyuu said:

Software sales notably expanded when PC is taken into account which both MS and Sony now support. AA and AAA games cost more now to develop, but prices have also increased especially in Europe, and Sony games are retaining their prices much better than a few years back without selling less. Can you refer me to where it was shown that SM2 needs to sell 10 million to break even? Last I heard, the game cost $300 million (does the figure not include marketing?). Should generate profit at 5 million give or take.

But more importantly, why do all games have to be some highend AAA anyway? Low-mid budget AAA don't cost nearly as much as SM2, and AA cost even less. Helldivers 2 is considered AA and it "only" cost $50 million to make. Nintendo is killing it with medium budget games. And a crap load of indies, A, and AA games are more successful than anything AAA from Microsoft. Microsoft's own Sea of Thieves (not to mention Minecraft lol) is probably a lot more successful than the bigger Halo Infinite.

Higher development costs are more than cancelled out by games simply selling a lot more and averaging at higher prices in many cases. Availability on PC also greatly helps.

Can you refer me to where it was shown that SM2 needs to sell 10 million to break even?

Spiderman 2 was expected, prior to launch, to sell 10.5m copies and generate $75m in profits over a $315m budget. Now that's not bad and it's also conservative estimate but it's also one of, if not the most sure bet franchise Sony own.  

Wow. I suppose a rather large percentage of the revenue from each copy sold goes to Disney. And Sony is okay with that coz Insomniac doesn't have a really big IP of their own (they could use Uncharted though). It wouldn't surprise me if the next Insomniac Spider-Man game goes multiplatform like MLB did (But isn't it weird that MLB isn't on PC yet? I still don't understand this industry!).