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LurkerJ said:

MS is doing MS things, nothing to see here outside of guessing which studios will get axed next.

Not only Bethesda and Bungie have underperformed and released subpar content since they were bought, but they're also working on less games. More mergers please.

Ninja theory must be wondering how they can ever live up to the unrealistic expectations they're faced with now, boost profit margins with a $49 game that was announced 5 years ago by releasing on platforms through which absolutely no one has to buy their game because of Gamepass.... while also boosting Gamepass growth when even a game the size of Diablo 4 couldn't.

Bet you, they are fighting to get "their game" on playstation/pc as well :p

Supposedly its one of those in consideration at xbox.
You might actually get to see senua's saga on playstation.

Theres a thread about it on resetera.
Call of Duty on gp, is still up in the air.... if it happends, its likely a price increase will follow for gp.