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Qwark said:
javi741 said:

13.5M seems extremely ambitious for the fiscal year tbh especially since Nintendo already acknowledged the successor is coming. And this quarter was a bit lower than expected in sales, didn't even crack 2M when I was expecting it to be closer to 2.5M. Maybe Nintendo did this aggressive forecast to not give a way a potential release window for Switch 2 cause if the forecast is too low it could imply the Switch successor will come this year.

Perhaps Switch 2 is not coming this or next year, but early 2026. There are pretty much no ru.ours about Switch 2 yet. Usually there are some rumours a year in advance about the possible price, specs etc. Also a lot of games get announced for a new platform a year in advance. I guess we will see in a month if Switch 2 is happening soon. I expect Nintendo to announce it at least 9 months in advance. Considering they still think Switch will sell 13.5 million, they might not be targeting an early 2025 release, but perhaps early 2026.

There are actually a lot of rumours and leaks out there about the successor's specs, and there has been for a while now. We know for example it's very likely using Nvidia's T239 processor.

And the gap between announcing a product and releasing it doesn't need to be drawn out to 9 months or more anymore. Nintendo often reveals games that are only a few months out, and they didn't blow the lid off Switch until it was just 5 months away. In the age of social media you really don't need a protracted marketing cycle, they could easily reveal Switch 2 in say January 2025 and have it out a few months later.