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Shtinamin_ said:
RolStoppable said:

Footnote 1 clearly states that everything concerning Switch is included in the revenue figure for Switch, except for amiibo which can be used on consoles other than Switch (see footnote 2). Footnote 5 says that 443.3 billion yen of the 1,567.824 billion yen in the dedicated video game platform segment were digital business; so the remaining majority is revenue from hardware, physical software and accessories.

I don't want to work on this because there are too many unknown values involved. Any result will be bound to be built on many blind guesses, calling the credibility of the whole exercise in question.

I enjoy hearing the deeper information. Thank you. 
I understand, but I did find it interesting that even with Switch and games at full price it would be above the FY’25 goal for revenue.

Wow this Rol character sure knows his stuff! I guess if I want to survive around here I got to stay on his good side, right guys? 😄 🤣 

OT: I sure do hope the switch beats the ps2!