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It's pretty incredible to think that when it comes to profit, all the first 35 years of Nintendo along with 11 consoles That brought so many memories for me growing up I'll never forget would now be considered only a 35-year side project for Nintendo in comparison to the profit that was raked in by the Switch alone lol.

When it comes to their profit, im curios to see what was making the Switch so much more profitable than an era like the Wii/Ds era where Nintendo in total sold 255M hardware units and about 1.8 Billion in software sales, in comparison the Switch is at 141M with 1.23B in software sales but kills that era in profit.

I'm sure a big thing that's contributing to the extra profit is the advent of digital sales, which didn't exist in the Wii/DS era. Digital sales of games are far more profitable in general than physical games. Also creating one platform at a time now may reduce development costs. Cause when we look at revenue the Wii/DS era had some higher years, but far less profitable