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javi741 said:
ShadowLink93 said:

Great work. The hardware drops in Americas and Europe are bad, might be due to massive over shipments in Q3 though. Europe was only down 30% according to GSD sell through data but 61% down in shipments, plenty of unsold inventory left over from Q3.

Yea I think Nintendo definitely overshipped in Q3 which lowered the shipments lower than expected relative to the sell-through numbers we were receiving from the U.S & Europe in Q4.

I remember many of us after the big declines we saw in November 2023 when it came to sell through numbers from the U.S & Europe we were expecting Switch to be closer to 5M shipped rather than 6.9M it actually shipped, while the 6.9M was bigger than we thought relative to the sell through numbers we saw, it became clear that Nintendo overshipped that quarter after we saw similar declines I'm Q4 but much worse shipments numbers. So 2M+ non-holiday quarters are still certainly possible from here on out once supply and demand becomes leveled again

Yeah the 6.9 million was far higher than i was expecting for Q3.