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Unionize the games industry. Protect the workers rights and you will have less of this bs happening.
SO much talent is leaving the industry forever right now because trying to survive as a an artist/programmer/QA-tester is becoming impossible with how volatile the industry is right now. People need a certain amount of stability to be able to live and be creative. You can’t squeeze people in survival mode for content forever. They will burn out and move to other industries.

Nintendo always gets pulled out as the one positive example of employee retention, even in the face of crisis. And we see that it pays off for them in a myriad of ways, but the simple truth is that while they might or might not reconize the benefit employee retention brings them, at the end of the day, they are forced, by Japanese law to retain their worker. Unless the company is literally going bankrupt they aren’t allowed to lay off workers. (Now Japan has other horrific problems with their work culture, that they’re making baby steps to remedy by law now, but that’s a topic for another day.)
It also lays bare where the vast amount of surplus money in any given company is going: to the executives.
Nintendos (in the grand scheme of thing pretty ‚reasonably‘ payed) executives took pay cuts in order to save all their workers employment, while in the US, thousands of employees get layed off on order for CEOs to get insanely astronomical 100 million bonuses.

Employment needs oversight. The market is an unrestrained monster that does not know how to self regulate and in the face of giant conglomerate monopolies can‘t ever learn how to. So laws and protections it is.