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haxxiy said:
Norion said:

I do not see them reaching that 13.5m forecast even with a new revision unless they cut the price of all the models and I dunno why they'd bother to do that this late for maybe a couple million or so extra sales. I am certainly curious what they have planned for the 2nd half of this year.

Maybe it's just some simple extrapolation from last year's drop and a wait-and-see approach. The same thing happened in FY23 when they projected an optimistic 21M and sold less than 18M.

So far it's very hard to see it happening w/o huge price cuts (doubtful if it would be financially favorable even with a weaker yen) since it's already 26% down this quarter vs. one year ago.

I do fully expect them to cut the forecast later on especially since they've now talked about the Switch 2 and even though it's not a full on proper announcement the expectation of it coming soon is gonna spread from that.