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JWeinCom said:

Don't mind WWE doing more international events... but it kind of seems like they tend to phone it in a lot for these, because they know they're going to sell out no matter what since they're in these places so rarely and haven't worn out the audience.

AJ Styles vs Cody Rhodes should obviously be great from an in ring perspective, but it's hard to get excited when you know there's no way Cody is losing the belt. It's hard to make a match engaging when there's no real stakes.

The Damien Priest Jey Uso match should be more interesting, because they could potentially take the belt off Priest. I'm not really sold on him or Uso as top guys, but maybe they could surprise me.

Bayley vs Tiffany vs Naomi is another one where it's predictable. Bayley wins by pinning Naomi, who is there to take the fall.

Jade and Bianca will beat the Kabuki Warriors for the title. Which makes all the sense in the world, but again, predictable.

And, the new Bloodline isn't losing so soon after forming, so they will beat KO and Randy Orton.

We'll see if this can somehow overdeliver, but a rather meh card. I'm guessing they add another match or so on Smackdown. This often happens after mania where you just had a lot of people have their big moment and you don't want to cheapen it, but I still feel like they could have made some more intriguing matches. For the life of me, I can't figure out why they didn't have a match for Rhea's title here. Seems like a triple threat between Becky, Liv, and Nia would have been a way better idea than just having Becky win it on Raw. But, again, it kind of feels like that's part of the deal with these international shows, where they're guaranteed a hot crowd so they don't want to like, waste good matches on them or whatever.

IT's so funny seeing your takes because they're always so cynical and negative...but everywhere else I've looked people were LOVING the crowd, the atmosphere, the experience. The outcomes being predictable didn't detract from the fun and that's honestly how it should be. 

Some times I swear you're just a hipster. 

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