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the-pi-guy said:
firebush03 said:

(Just to add, and not to stir problems, but "It's cool [to] read what's under the surface...and I don't have time for that" is a very self-contradictory claim. If you believe that you have actually "figured the plot out" without much research -- i.e. by taking what you hear from somebody (a very surface-level approach to geopolitical affairs) --- then you haven't fully figured it out. And Ryuu96 is infamous in these forums for dropping massive walls of text filled with fallacious narratives that can easily lead anybody deceived if not careful nor equipped properly to combat his remarks.)

I thought you were too busy with your math PhD, to look into the claims that were being made. 

I'm impressed you have time to look into a deep reading of geopolitical affairs, but struggle to make time to read and respond to Ryuu's posts.  

I appreciate that you remembered my math status. :) (actually just had my topology exam today. Felt like it went pretty well. Wahoo!)

also, i don’t have time to do a deep reading into geopolitical affairs. Never said I had figured out the plot, nor should anybody feel they have. These are complicated matters, and at the end of the day all our opinions boil down to theories (or if you don’t like that word, the pretentious term would be “hypotheses”). As such, you should never go about looking to force your beliefs down others throats when chatting: It is incredibly condescending and demonstrates a willingness to not want to listen to others when you feel your thoughts are so superior that people should read an entire essay filled with your thoughts. Staying quiet and listening to others is how you learn. Believing everything they say is not wise. You listen, you challenge all that they have to say, and see what they can deliver. I would love to have this sort of conversation with y’all, I just need to wait until my semesters done. I can give you a date and time, and I’ll be there ready to debate-it-out.

….speaking of which, Could I interested either of you two into an in-depth debate Friday 5-10? I’ll be available then. You two come up with a time for that day, I’ll be there.

EDIT: pls message me with your response. I don’t wanna overrun this thread with irrelevant discussion.